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Business Objective
Dataset Overview
Anlysis Structure
Product Analysis
The data shown here is not real, not Superdry's and is used for illustrative purposes only, in accordance with the business policy to protect confidentiality.

Business Objective

As the weather is becoming warmer, Superdry aims to optimise the website design to enhance user experience and maximise engagement. There are two specific goals for this project:

1. Zone Prioritisation

  • Determine which zones on the homepage should be featured more prominently to capture user attention and drive user engagement to maximise the impact of the website.

2. Trend Identification

  • Utilising historical data from the previous homepage website to predict the next trend that Superdry should focus on to align the offerings with customer preferences.

Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 3.51.10 PM.png

Dataset Overview

For the analysis of the Superdry homepage website redesign, I have compiled two files containing essential data. The datasets are as follows:

1. zone_performance_table.csv

  • This file contains zone performance data obtained from Contentsquare, a digital experience analytics platform. It includes the following key metrics:

A. Exposure Rate

Definition: The percentage of pageviews where at least half of the zone was visible on the screen

B. Attractiveness Rate

Definition: Of all pageviews where the zone was visible on the screen, the percentage with at least one tap on it

C. Conversion Rate per Tap

Definition: Of users that tap on the zone, the percentage that also completed an e-commerce transaction during the same session


Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 7.08.57 PM.png

2. category_pageview_GA_table.csv:

  • This file contains pageview data collected from Google Analytics, focusing on category-level information.

Analysis Structure

Men's Shorts SH 16.png

Problem Solving

1.  Product Analysis

Are there certain styles we are missing in 2023?

Men's Shorts SH 17.png
Men's Shorts SH 18.png
Men's Shorts SH 19.png
Men's Shorts SH 20.png

Based on the graphs above, it is evident that there has been a significant decline in revenue for the Sunscorched style options of men's shorts, experiencing a substantial decrease of 95% compared to 2022. This decline may be correlated with the observed reduction of 65% in the availability of Sunscorched style options in 2023.

2.  External Analysis

1. Are customers more inclined to search for men's shorts from other brands compared to 2022?

The popularity of the keyword for "mens shorts" reamains consistent between 2022 and 2023. However, it is intriguing to observe that the keyword for Superdry is experiencing an upward trend in 2023. This suggests that there may be additional factors contributing to the decrease in revenue for men's shorts.

2. Did the buying behaviour of men's shorts affected by weather conditions in 2022?

Men's Shorts SH 22.png
Men's Shorts SH 23.png

Based on the R-squared value and correlation coefficient, we can observe that there is a positive relationship between temperature and units sold of men's shorts in 2023. However, the R-squared value suggests that the units sold for 2022 were not significantly affected by weather conditions.

3.  Key Metrics Breakdown

Men's Shorts SH 24.png

3-1. Has there been a decrease in the performance of the funnel, including pageviews, add-to-cart rate, and conversion rate, when comparing the year 2023 to 2022?

3-1-1. Product List Pageview Analysis

Men's Shorts SH 25.png

3-1-2. Product Detail Pageview Analysis

Men's Shorts SH 26.png

3-1-3. Add-To-Cart-Rate Analysis

Men's Shorts SH 28.png

3-1-4. Conversion Rate Analysis

Men's Shorts SH 29.png

The graphs above demonstrate that there has been a decrease in Product List Pageview, Product Detail Pageview, Add-To-Cart-Rate and Conversion Rate of Men's shorts in comparison to 2022

3-2. Has there been a price increase in 2023?

Price Analysis

Men's Shorts SH 30.png

Although the price decreased by 17.5%, quantity demanded decreased significantly by 75% compared to 2022, which indicates that the revenue decrease of men's shorts may be attributed to factors other than price change.

4.  UI/ UX (Homepage) Analysis

Is the zone of men's shorts prominently featured on the homepage in 2022?

Men's Shorts SH 34.png

As shown in the graphs, product list pageview for men's shorts coming from the homepage has decreased by 55% compared to 2022, potentially due to a lower zone location featured on the homepage in 2023. 

5.  Marketing Channel Analysis

Has there been a decrease in the number of people landing from email in 2023 compared to the year 2022?

Men's Shorts SH 36.png

The graphs above show that email-driven product list pageviews have decreased by 60% compared to 2022.

Hopothesis Validation

Men's Shorts SH 37.png

Business Recommendation

Considering the cost efficiency aspect of adding more Sunscorched style men's shorts, it is essential to prioritise addressing the revenue decrease of men's shorts through the following recommendations:

1. Email Strategy Optimisation

Given that customers who reach the website via email have a higher likelihood of making a purchase, it is crucial to optimise the email engagement strategy. This involves carefully considering the frequency of emails, selecting optimal send-out times, incorporating a clear call to action (CTA), and offering appropriate discounts. Special occasions such as bank holidays can be leveraged to maximise the effectiveness of email campaigns and drive customer engagement. 

2. Homepage Optimisation

As the high-visibility areas on the homepage attract greater customer attention, it is essential to capitalise on this opportunity. Based on the data from 2022, indicates that 35% of visitors to the men's shorts product list page originate from the homepage. By strategically featuring men's shorts in prominent zones, we can enhance exposure and capture the interest of potential customers, ultimately driving conversions.


The implementation of these data-driven strategies has yielded significant positive results for men's shorts, improving both the conversion rate and year-over-year revenue.

1. Conversion Rate:

Through targeted initiatives and optimisation efforts, the conversion rate for men's shorts has experienced a substantial increase of 20%.

2. Revenue:

The YOY revenue for men's shorts has witnessed a significant boost, showing a remarkable growth rate of 40%.

External Analysis
Key Metrics Breakdown
UI/UX Analysis
Marketing Channl Analysis
Hypothesis Validation
Business Recommendation
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